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Tim Kelly

Eagle Claw/trokar Tube Hooks?

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Do either of these style hooks work significantly better than normal wide gap hooks for tubes? They look like they'd make rigging more awkward, so are there hook-up benefits to using them? If so, what size would I want for a 3.5" zoom type tube?

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I only use them for T-rigging tubes but man, the hook up percentage is incredible, I don't ever recall losing a fish I had hooked on one. Basically they are a kahle style hook with a keeper on the shank, the kahle style is used by serious catfish anglers because of the ability it has to hook the fish when using big chunks of bait. The only thing is resist the urge to go big with them, what I mean is for a 3.5" tube, use the 2/0, and then just rig it like normal and they hold great. I use what I consider the best and softest tube around, the River Rock Baits 3.5" pro model tube and the keeper holds the tube just fine but I do like them over the normal EWG style hooks. If I don't have the tube hooks  the only other one I use is the Gamakatsu skip gap hook, those are really good for tubes also, 3/0 on the 3.5" tube.

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Hi Tim,


I use the Tokar tube hook and it works great.  I fish 4" or 4 1/2" tubes with a solid head and a #4 hook.  The solid head helps the hook keeper do its job.  I don't have to fool with the bait near as much as I did with other hooks.  If the fish gets this hook in its mouth you will hook up.   Some people has stated that the Tokar hook point will cut out on a skin hook but that doesn't happen with me.  The Eagle Claw tube hook has a different hook point if you don't like the Tokar point. 



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