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good morning Oklahoma!!    I finally found a bass forum and am excited to be here....I am an old fat lady  (58) and love to fish, have been fishing since I was five years old and loved it ever since I first set foot at a pond with my grandpa....enjoy catching anything however bass fishing is my passion...nothing more exciting to me than a bass blowing up on a top water lure...after a special once in a lifetime guided crappie fishing trip last year I have the crappie bug and hope to teach myself how to fill my freezer with crappie but my original love stays the same---bass--I don't have a boat, am alone and on fixed income so limited on where I can go so I am always looking for close to Shawnee and Seminole fishing spots.....I prefer ponds but the ponds I grew up on are all owned buy people no one seems to know or know how to get in touch with (seems all these new owners don't live on their land)...I know how to respect landowners property and livestock, would love to find new ponds to fish if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.... I want to fish lake carl Blackwell and sooner lake (fished there years ago when I was married and enjoyed catching the hybrids) have tried Shawnee and Tecumseh lakes a few times with no luck...thunderbird also failed to produce...ponds are my love, if I could find some to fish--but realize I may just have to keep trying to learn how to fish lakes from shore and hope for the best


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