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Humminbird 581I Depth Reading Intermittent

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My unit is intermittent on the depth.

GPS works ok and the temp works ok but the depth will jump around from accurate reading to maybe 10 times the actual depth.

example; it will show in the digital window in 5 feet of water 5 feet for 3 to 5 seconds and then all of a sudden will jump to 65 feet then a few seconds later it will go back to 5 feet and back and fourth.

The diplay, in depth mode, looks like large pixels with bad resolution. The gps function and the digital readout screens look clear and normal. I have a 525 humminbird and hooked the transducer of it to the 581 and it does the same with depth but the temp works fine I know the 525 is probably not compatable with the 581 as the 581 has Di and 26 degree dual beam and the 525 has a 20 degree beam but I still feel like the head of the 581 is the culpret.

Anybody had any of thexe issues? Suggestions?

Think this mqay be a soft or firmware issue mabe reflash the eprom?



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thanks for the reply wayne

Not yet. I cant remember if I set up an account with humminbird. I'll go check now

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My 580 used to do that sometimes. I think having the sensitivity too high means it reads the second or even third return sometimes, which causes the depth display to leap about. 

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