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My first real swimbaits

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Came back to my apartment from the university and found the package from BTD on my doorstep.

I ordered a 6" wood lunker punker jr in foiled trout, a 6" Mattlures tournament series in light trout, a Mattlures soft male bluegill, and received a free small shellcracker.

I know six inchers are small fry for the Cali guys. But the lunker punker looks huge, and I mean really really huge. It dwarfs the Mattlures' trout, and they are both "six inches" :)

Hell, half the bass I caught last year weren't much bigger than that punker!

I'm excited, 'cause the "swimbaits" I did throw last year were Matt's baby bass, the Mattshad, and the SPRO 4" shad.

I still need to find a good deal on a Curado 301, pick up a SPRO BBZ 6" floater, one or two 6" Hudds, and I'm good to go. Will need to find one of Matt's hardgills, but that can wait for a while. (Note to myself)

P.S. One hour after unpacking the package, I'm still super-excited.

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congrats man! pics...?

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