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Heddon Meadow Mouse

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The discussion of discontinued lures made me wonder about the heddon meadow mouse.  My father and grandfather swore by these lures.  My grandfather, who caught more NY bass than I could have hoped basically only threw a meadow mouse, jitterbug, or river runt. 

I was looking at swimbaits on TW the other day and noticed a bunch of mouse style wake baits now for sale, at some hefty prices.

Why is headon not making the meadow mouse again?  The fuzz and cloth tail on the old ones is fantastic and the action on the lure is top notch.  I have a solid 10 of em (my dad bought a ton on ebay years ago) and would stock up if they sold them in stores (not on ebay where every lure older than 5 years old is "vintage" and worth 15 bucks).  Seems they made them for a limited run a few years back but if mouse style swim baits/ wake baits are starting to emerge..... why would they not start back up with the original (especially the fuzzy ones)? 

Anyone have info on when/why they ceased production of them?   

(a return of a fuzzy little crazy crawler would not be so bad either... had one that looked just like a baby bat ..... NY summer bass at dusk absolutely destroyed that thing.... literally wore the fuzz off it, much like they did the mouse)   

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It was a great lure! The hooks were not that good. I still have one. I have had it for 30 years now!

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Trends come and go. I would assume lack of sale would stop production.

I still have a grey one somewhere. I never actually ever threw it to see what it does in the water.


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Bill think you would be surprised how good and wide the wobble is.

The best part about the action, as opposed to these newer ones, is that if your crank it fast, it really looks like a mouse swimming for its life.....but if you go slow and stop....the head sits up in the water and the butt and tail sit lower.   

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