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What Line For My Spinning And Baitcasting Rods? - Bass And Walleye

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I currently use Power Pro 30 & 35# braid on my Revo SX and Plueger Patriach. It's worked well. I saw the new Power Pro Slick 8 and didn't know if that was worth upgrading too when I finally need new line. I don't think I need 50-65# braid like some guys because I'm really not horsing fish out of huge weeds like some other guys might. So far 30-35# has worked well for me, but I did hear that using a heavier braid might make it easier to cast, won't get stuck into the spool as much, and is less likely to birdsnest, although I tried 50# once and I think I had a hard time casting it far.....that could be because I was new with a baitcasting reel though. I am probably going to be ordering two Revo Rockets and 2 Shimano Ci4+FA's if I can get them for the right price. I have a Shiman Stradic that's over 10 years old and is making an annoying sound that I can't get rid of, even though I have oiled every part that can be oiled. I believe I have 8# Fireline on it.



I use my baitcasting rods for mainly topwater frogs, Ragetail Toads (one of the best lures I've ever used), spinner baits, jig & pigs. I mostly use my spinning rods for senko's and other stuff. But I also use my spinning rods for walleye fishing, so I need a line that will be good for all of this. Sometimes I use a slip-bobber for walleyes, so this could affect what line to choose also.



So what lines and weight would you recommend with these set-ups?



How often do you change your lines? (My friend says he only changes his line if it's braid like every 3-5 years and he's had no problems).




I was looking at Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon because I read in this article that it is the best of mono and fluorocarbon, what do you think?


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