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An Interestin Apprach To Lure Stability And Hunting Action

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I got a chance to get my Imakatsu Waddle Buggy in the water over the weekend and discovered a few things that those interested in lure design should take a look at.



The Waddle Buggy is a frog bodied wakebait/crankbait with two bizarre metal blades attached to the back of the bait.  The bait has a hunting action similar to the Imakatsu Waddle Bat, however it elicits it's hunting action in a different manner than the waddle Bat.  The Waddle Bat appears to be a stable crankbait with an hydrodynamic aid on the bait that induces instability in the bait.  Based on what I have observed with the Waddle Buggy, is that the bait is inherently UN-stable and the hydrodynamic aid of the metal blades on the back of the lure, stabilize the bait like streamer on a kite.  This is completely opposite of the Waddle Bat.



I believe that the instability inherent to the bait is because it has no blast weight and is a hollow, weightless, bodied crank.  The bait's long bill grabs water once the retrieve is begun and wants to immediately blow out.  The drag generated by the metal blades stabilize the bait and allow it to run.  The blades are solder together with a soft, flexible solder that allows the gap between the blades to be increased or decreased.  Opening up the clamshell shaped blades increased drag and stability.  Closing the blades decreases drag and makes the bait highly unstable to an unfishable state.  With very little gap the bait can't even be made to leave the surface before immediately blowing out.  A large gap allows the bait to run subsurface and hunt like a madman.



To my knowledge this bait operates unlike anything else out there and is something that you guys should probably be aware of.  There is another lure with a very similar in appearance to the Waddle Buggy made from wood, the Jackal Bros Wooden Bunny.  A replicated Wooden Bunny sounds like something interesting to build.



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