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Saltwater Copolymer & Trout Copolymer? The Difference?

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I just ordered some Excalibur silver thread trout 5# test. I wanted a medium 6' spinning setup I could use for trout and for light lures for bass. I'm just not sure what this "trout" line is?

I ordered some Excalibur silver thread saltwater copolymer line too it was very affordable for lots of yardage. For the cheap price I'd figured I'd try it. On a live bait setup for the grandson.

I also ordered some standard Excalibur silver thread copolymer line too. This line has never failed me. I ordered 4# test in a 1,000 yard spool for $7.

Since some of the fisherman are using 4# test for bass I'd go with the best line I ever used and try it.

Last year my doctor visit for p cancer is right near one of my hot spots. All I had was my 4'6" trout rod with 4# test with a mepps comet minnow with no scent all I had was tons of confidence and a nailed a 2 1/2#er on my UL TROUT rod. After not fishing all summer it felt so good like I broke the world record for a LMB. I love bass fishing. I didn't have one negative thought about the trout setup with the little comet. But when I got home I ordered a whole set of mepps comets. I did use the smaller comets in rivers for trout years ago.

I been using any line that's on sale lately. Like yozuri and vicious copolymers. I started out bass fishing with Excalibur silver thread after they posted tests on there lines. It surpassed most lines back then in bending and abrasions. After losing so many bass to cheap line it was time to get a better quality line. But now fast forward a few decades we now have other brands of quality lines. I did learn that the quality of our line is the number 1 thing to have. A quality reel is the number 2 important thing to have. We could probably get by with any rod if we had too so I but the rod at number 3 on the most important thing.

So any answers about the difference between trout line and bass fishing line? I thought fishing line was equal bass or trout. Times have changed and left me behind when I wasn't looking.

Now what about the saltwater line too? Does it last longer in saltwater maybe more abrasion resistant? I do fear it could be stiffer.

What ever happened to those days when I was a kid in the '60's when a $1 spool of Garcia river mist line covered it all. We didn't have so many choices.

Sorry for the long post, bigbill

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