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Blank Hard Lures

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Ok, so i just got a airbrush (So i dont have to use my dads anymore) and i took some old baits and sanded them down and i am going to paint them tommorrow. If i continue to do this and if i like it i want to start buying blanks. I found some great blanks but i was wondering if anyone know's where i can get a blank to be exactly or similar to the River 2 sea Hi Dep, Strike king Red Eye Shad and if you know of any other great name brand baits that have a similar blank PLEASE LET ME KNOW! lol

Thanks so much. And maybe i'll do something like the first person to find a RED EYE SHAD, or a HI Dep will win a lure that i will paint or something. Thanks



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There are lots of sources for unpainted crankbaits.  Virtually all of them sell Chinese (or sometimes Japanese) knockoffs of popular baits.  The bait may be exactly the same on the outside but will always be different as to the plastic type and wall thickness, internal structure, ballast, chambering, etc.  Some of them come close to the original and work well, some behave differently but still catch fish and are good baits in their own right, and some are worthless duds.  It's a crap shoot and it's your responsibility to find the good ones and never try to sell a knockoff as an original.  Predator Bass Baits, Bustin Bass Baits, Janns Netcraft, Dakota Lakes, unpaintedlures.com and lurepartsonline.com, plus others sell them. 

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