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Custom rod building


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Guest DavidGreen


I see you are in Lawrence, KS.

Don't know when your wedding is/was, but

this is an art form that can not be learned in a couple of days.

I have been building for 20 years, and I am always learning something new.

You will be doing yourself a great favor to arm yourself with some good background information.

The Rod-Building Guide by Tom Kirkman is 50 pages of information. I would add that Flex Coat's "How We Do It" video is an excellent way to become accustomed to the basic steps in building your own rod. These are the basic books and videos for the new rod builder. they are all available from a supplier in Overland Park...

Bingham Enterprises in Overland Park


Availible from Bingham Ent.  

Rod-Building Guide by Tom Kirkman (Book)


Flex Coat Step by Step Rod Building (Book)

If you have time you can also read some good instruction at the following site..

Mudhole Rod Building 101


The ultimate web site forum for rod builders is



Hope this helps some.....    :)

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I agree with Reel Mechanic.  I've been wraping my own rods for 30 years, a couple every winter when there's that awful snow on the ground.  Every year I have to pull out the books and re-educate myself.  It's fun and very rewarding, but it takes plenty of patients, skill, knowledge and the right equipment (rod wraping jig, etc.) to do a good job your proud of.  I also whole heartedly agree with RM that you need to read a lot before you get started.  I figure when I get finished with a rod I really haven't saved much money, but I like my custom designs and the rewarding fact I did it myself. Good luck and give it a try on a cheap rod for starters.

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Guest DavidGreen


I figure when I get finished with a rod I really haven't saved much money, but I like my custom designs and the rewarding fact I did it myself.

You hit it on the head when you catch that first to the 50th fish, it is very rewarding.

I haven't saved much on my rod arsenal but they sure do feel good when I'm out there using them. ;D


Got done with an MB843, sure wish I had a good digital camera, wife did a flame marbling effect in the split grip area that I sure wish I could show off.

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Good info guys..Here is my take on it. I was fortunate enough to have a highly skilled female rod builder show mw how it done. For a couple of hours she let me practice and that was it. She said preparation and patience were the key and once you establish the backbone your set.

I picked it up fairly quickly. I have only built 4 rods but all have turned out absolutely perfect. The lady that showed me was so impressed she wanted me to take over her work but I passed since I had a job at the time.

I bought a thread holder, a swivel magnify light and that was it. I used a variable speed drill to turn the blank with the cork, just rigged up a little setup. Same as the finish epoxy, I just rigged up a rotisserie style rig and slow let the blank roll as I applied the finish, perfect. It was crude but it worked because of the slow speeds and anywhere the blank touched was just wrapped with masking tape.

So if your mechanically inclined, patient and have a good head on your shoulders you should not run into any big problems. Go to your local tackle shop and ask them if they have broken rods that they are throwing out. Just practice on them. When I get my stuff out of storage I will take some pictures of the finished rods to show it can be done with patience.

I did buy a video and book and they helped but for the life of me cannot remember the names, sorry. It is definately a passion, not a money making thing as the other fellows will agree. I hope to get back into it oneday once my life is settled.

Good luck.

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