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Lure Suggestions for tommorow?

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Ok so tommorow going to a fairly small lake about 50 acres.

Im going to be throwing some jerkbaits with a long slow pause

The lake is Very Clear! 2-4 foot visibility!

Tommorows forecast is mostly cloudly.we are getting on the lake around 8am air temp seems to be 52 degrees

What colors for the jerkbait?...here are the colors i have

Pointers: american shad, clear color with brown on it, metalic blue color

X-Rap- yellow perch, hot steal, white/olive green, blackbac/ornage belly, also a pickrel pattern (im pretty sure the lake dosent hold any pick)

Im probably also gonna slowly fish some jigs, and worms, what else do you guys suggest? i really wish i knew what the water temp was, but its benn fairly warm all week  8-) like lower to mid 60's

thanks guys -WM  ;)

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Well, 2-4 ft visibility isn't very clear water at all.  Could barely be termed "clear".  That's kind of irrelevant now anyway.

I would switch out that worm for a swimbait.

Your temp should be in the mid 40's

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As mentioned in Bass fishermans post, this time of year, I would take 1 rod and 1 lure (bring more in case you lose it,..just sayin')

And stick with it.

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