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Quantum Kvd Qx48 Im8 Rod And Kvd 20 Reel

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I have fished with spinning gear for over 50 years and recently went to Wal-Mart to purchase a good medium heavy weight graphite rod for worm fishing.  I found this rod and reel combo and really liked the backbone of the rod.  Bought it and some 10 lb test spider wire.  Loaded the reel and went fishing the next day.  Almost ever time I cast this with any weight lure the line balls up before the first guide.  I noticed after buying it that the guides were somewhat smaller than I am used to seeing on my other rods.  The Spider wire is the same as I have on all my other rods so I cannot believe this is the issue.  When casting you can feel the line dragging in the guides.  Any thoughts on this?  I called Quantum and they offered me another rod actually of lower price if I sent mine back.  I suppose I could change the guides but that would seem counter productive especially considering the price I paid.

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It appears that you maybe using micro guides for the first time.  Spider Wire is a stiff line and that combined with typical line twist that you get on a spinning reel seems to be causing your issue.  Try pulling all of the line out and reel it back in between your fingers or a book at the end of the rod to minimize the line twist.  If that does not work then you might need a rod without micro guides if you are using Spider Wire.

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Ok, you got me.  I did not have a clue about these micro guides.  What line would you recommend, 12lb test is what I normally us for 4" worm and small weights.  I really appreciate you help.  Things have changed a bit in twenty years.  

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