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Hey guys, I just recently decided to redo my bass tracker. I ordered two lowrance has touch 9 and the sonic hub system. The wiring in my boat is very confusing due to the previous owners inexperience and i need some advice! Currently there are three batteries(two for trolling motor and one for engine). I want to run direct power to my systems with a toggle switch. What kind of battery do i need and how, if i should, can i change how my batteries are set up now? Thanks, Matt.


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The two trolling motor batteries should remain trolling motor ONLY batteries.


IF the current starting battery has the capacity to handle the rest of the loads, just connect your added power circuit to that battery.

Since you are adding more sofisticated computers to your electrical system, you may need a larger battery with more reserve capacity.

For a common power connection for your electronics, add a power buss at the console using 10 guage wire with a 20A circuit breaker at the battery on the postitive wire (RED). Then use a properly sized fuse to each device's power cord at the buss.

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Problem with a Tracker is that the battery compartment is small and to add a fourth battery will not work.


The storage area under the seat is not deep enough for another battery.


The front compartment is fine for another battery so you may have to place the fourth battery in that compartment.


You can then add a four bank charger and add the fourth batter in the front compartment to the battery charger.


And do what  Wayne says. You don't want to blow those beautiful units.


Matt, if you were in Virginia or Maryland I would suggest having the east coast Lowrance dealer install the units for you.


If you are not in this geographical area may I suggest having an electrical pro install the batteries and units to be sure they are protected via the fuse box?


Good luck and please PM me about how the units operate. I asked my wife for a new 7-inch Lowrance unit for the front of my boat for Christmas and would like to know how your units operate.



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thanks for the replies! Currently i found a place in Pittsburgh that is lowrance certified to install and wire the electronics in. Id like to purchase a new agm battery for the engine and electronics. Any brand suggestions? Preferably a battery that can handle a lot of electronics and still crank the engine also. Thanks!

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