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Which Casting Rod Under $150 Is Best For Fishing Texas Rigged Worms And Creature Baits?

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You're going to get a ton of different answers on this, but I'll say what I like.


Powell Max 683 for light t-rigs

Powell Endurance 714 for bigger t-rigs


If you want a good Texas rig rod, an all around would be a sensitive 7' MH F rod.

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You will do well with just about any rod in the $125 - $150 range, the important thing is to make sure the reel seat and balance is to your liking because even the most sensitive rod won't be good for you if your constantly moving your fingers or changing grip to make it more comfortable to hold, it takes your focus on what your feeling away. If you have a place close by with a varied selection of rods I suggest you go there and hold ones with different reel seats and handle lengths, this will give you an idea of what feels the best to you. Then you'll be able to narrow down the rods you are looking at because we all have our favorites and the answers you are going to get might be more confusing than helpful.

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Have to agree with the above post, you have to make sure you like the feel of the rod and balance.  If you have the reel you're going to use, I would suggest taking that with you when you go rod shopping and put it on different rods to see how it's going to feel. Once you know what feels good to you then the rest is simple.  That price range it's hard to go wrong.  I'd stay between 7' and 7'3"MH fast action.

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