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Grande Bass Flash?

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Hey guys I was just on TW and came across these I've always used Gyb d-shads and zoom flukes but this looked pretty cool.Have any of you used this? How does it preform?


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Well I got some anyways and I'll be trying them out this weekend at lopez lake.

They look like they'll work there pretty cool,

It will be fun to try them out!

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I use them...I like them....havent caught anything with them yet.  But I havent caught anything on any of my soft jerkbaits yet.



Anyway.  Id say their action is on par with a super fluke(if not a bit better),  but I feel the best attribute to these particular fishies, is their fall when you kill em.  Their fall rate is slow, but that tail still has nice subtle movements as it drifts down through the water column. This thing dies better than any other soft jerk bait that Ive used. 


And, with the hinged body, and flexible tail.  You can even work this thing super-slow, and still looks nice.  It excels in its subtleties. 


The body is a little chunkier than a super fluke, so it has more weight for better casting.



The nose.  The only thing I dont like about this fish, is the nose.  The nose seems too slender, making the use of an offset hook occasionally prone to easy tearing.   I might actually cut some of that nose off next time, or try a screw-lock hook.

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