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Pitching Rod Help?

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Looking to purchase a *** *** Black rod, only to be used for pitching at docks and light-moderately heavy cover. But I'm not sure as to which rod to get, I've never fishing with their rods before and it'd be great if someone with prior experience could help me decide between a 7'3, 7'6, MH or H, etc. Thanks.

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How tall are you?


Fish from a boat or the bank?


Rod power is a personal preference. I like the medium heavy when flipping and pitching although I will go to a heavy if I am fishing heavy cover.


Your height will help determine which rod length is best for you.


Go the store and see how different rod lengths work for you.


If you are in a boat you have room to flip and pitch.


If you bank fish you can be limited by the close proximity to the water and any foliage you have to fight to cast and set the hook.

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For myself, I like a little shorter rod to pitch with, I can't pitch at all with a flipping stick but my 7'2" MH-XF is awesome. The rods you are looking at are nice and a MH will serve you well unless you are pitching in really heavy stuff, I tend to pitch to moderate cover that is pretty heavy but nothing like what I flip in. I think it depends on the type of baits you are going to pitch with as well, a MH is great in my case because I often will pitch a 5/16oz finesse jig and a heavy rod seems to overpower the smaller jig. I think the 7'3" MH-F would work well for you

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