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I Found The Shad But Couldnt Find The Bass...

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Yesterday while fishing a nasty wind set in an area of the lake. I went into the only area there that had a wind blown point. There were at least 2 schools of shad there that I kept seeing in my Side Imaging. I started throwing a spoon and inmediately caught a nice catfish. I kept throwing the spoon but had no luck with it. i kept seeing the school of bass and I could never see the school of bass or any bass for that matter. It was a good chance for me to learn and while I learned that I have to be more patient and that I can control the wind I didnt. After around 20 minutes I left for a quieter spot on the lake to stink again. Ended catching a total of 2 bass after that in one extremely quiet spot.


What do you guys do in situations like these? What do you throw? I was casting against the wind. Do you do that or fish with the wind? Should I kept looking?



Alabama rigs out of the question... I use it, but cant use it on tournaments here. :(

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Hard to give a definite answer since it's iced over here, so I'm going to assume the fish are relating to shad right now down there.


Personally, in that situation I would throw a crankbait until I found them.  Finding shad is great, but those weren't the only 2 schools of shad on the lake.  Keep looking around until you get some activity, then slow down and see what you can work.


Just my $.02.  I also happen to suffer from RFS (Restless Fisherman Syndrome), so I can't help but move around until I get a few bites.

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I guess no bass there feeding yet. The shad schools were suspending close to 5 feet, very tight together, no big fish around them. I wasn't using the fish id but I've seen a lot of you and some people on you tube doing good with it. I turned that on today for next week fishing trip. I also have a tournament on the 24th. I want to be decent using the ff for it.

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