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Lew's Question...

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Hi guys! Midwest bank fisherman here. Small lakes, ponds. I spend most of the time fishing weedlines with Senko's, Wobbleheads, Mepp's, and Beetlespin's. Occasionally, I'll bankfish a larger body of water with crankbaits.



I have a new Lew's Tournament Lite. I got it in 6.4. I know the frame and plates are C45 Carbon, not graphite...but I'm skeptical. I love the reel, but will the carbon last?


I also got a TLP1H 6.4:1 Team Pro on eBay brand new for $150. It's not the newer "Z" model, but the only differences are 10# drag versus 14# (I live in Missouri...we don't have Texas / Florida sized bass here, so the drag is probably moot) and a screw release versus pin for the side plate. I called Lew's and they said all else is the same. The Tournament Lite will freespool longer than the Team Pro which makes me wonder if it has better bearings.


I also have a new 5.4:1 standard 9+1 Speed Spool that I got from Dick's for $45 on clearance that I could use for crankbaits but it wouldn't cast with the BB-1 for sure.




I like to have at least 2 reels...one as a backup in case one goes down. I generally only take one with me bank fishing.




     -I had considered selling the Tournament LITE putting another $60-70 with it and getting the Team LITE because it has a metal frame...but will I even notice a difference in the long run? Other than that, I will gain nothing because they are configured indentically. Basically the same weight, bearings, brakes and drag. I don't tournament fish and I'm usually only out 3hrs at a time.


     -Since the *** of Speedcast 6-pin 27 position centrifugal brakes...is the dual cast control of my Team Pro obsolete? I know the new model is the same, but many have said that the 6-pin variable is working better than the 4pin on/off with magnetic variable? I could sell the Team Pro, keep the Tourney LITE, and buy a BB-1 pro for later in the year when longer crankbait casts are needed.


I don't want to use either one until I decide b/c I can sell them New in Box.


Really, right now I'm sitting kinda pretty because I only paid:


5.4:1 Speed Spool-$45

6.4:1 Team Pro-$150

6.4:1 Team LITE-$00.00


Falcon Bucoo Micro 6'10" Heavy-$99

Lew's Tournament SL Micro 7' Medium - $45

Lew's Tournament SL Micro 7" MH - $59




So I'm considering:


1. Selling the Tourney LITE, and buying a Team LITE (keep the Team Pro as a backup)

2. Selling the Team Pro and buying a BB-1 Pro (Fish the Tourney LITE early in the season and BB-1 in crankbait season)

3. Sell the 5.4:1 Speed Spool and buy a BB-1 Pro

4. Keep them like they are and fish them till they fall apart.


I would probably put the Team Pro on the Falcon, the Tourney LITE on the MH Tournament SL, and the 5.4 Speed Spool or a BB-1 Pro on the Medium Tournament SL.


I guess I'll never be able to afford $600 reels and $15,000 boats...but I'm to the point in my life right now where I can afford the best reel in the Lew's lineup which I will be staying with because I've been fishing Lew's since I was 15 years old.





Thanks in advance.

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I'm fishing Lew's as of now and plan to fish them until they fall apart. I'm guessing that technology will catch up before that, so I may buy some new ones before they break... I'd just buy the BB1 and keep em all!

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Dont take this the wrong way, but. that is a lot of thinking about what to do.  I get it, I think like this (I'm thinking you might be an engineer), but I have Tournament Lite as well and have some doubts about it as well, but sometimes you just need to fish what you got and let things play out.


 I dont think there is a right answer, only which answer/option you are most comfortable with.


Good luck,




This is my first Lew's and I love the new 6 pin cent. brake.  So, I am sticking with that personally.


PSS go with option 4, fish them till they fall apart, give each reel a far shot.  You might find something you could have missed out on by selling them off.

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I've fallen in love with my Lews. I think they're a great company. 

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Thanks for the insight so far.

Not an engineer but should have been. I love to prototype things on my own time. Hyper tinkerer for sure. OCD? Pretty much.

I think I'm to the point where I will keep the Team Pro and Tournament Lite. I had a 6.4 Speed Spool that I just sold prior to starting this thread. I'm working on selling the 5.4 and hopefully get a BB-1 Pro in 5.1 Multi Stop for my medium rod.

That's the plan.

To any newer anglers reading this thread...don't let this deter you from getting a standard Speed Spool LFS. My standard Speed Spools are excellent. Extremely smooth, strong, and capable.

I will mention that I love Lews as a company, love their values, American Hero program, and devotion to bringing killer products at a blue collar price that I can enjoy.

I still have my first BB-1 LMG that I got 22 years ago.

Thanks again friends.

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