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Monoprice Mhd Sport Wi-Fi Action Camera

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Hey guys, I bought a MHD Sport Wi-Fi  Action Camera and wanted to find out if anyone else has one. I know GoPro is the most popular and well known action cam. After tons of research I realized that I don't NEED the highest end cam in the world, and the Monoprice seems to have great quality picture. Spending 199 on just the GoPro wasn't to bad, then you throw in all the accessories and it starts getting pricey. 


So I spent a total of 208 on the Monoprice cam and most of the accessories I will need right now including a backup battery. 


If anyone has one, or has any experience with them and can offer up any advice on settings that would help me get a good picture for my bass fishing, it would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to play with it, and get some bass on video! No more fumbling around with my phone to take pics of the fish!!!


I am also curious if I can use the GoPro Studio software to edit my MHD vids? If no one has an answer to that, which I would suspect will be the case, I guess I will find out in a few days when I get it. 

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Alright so I got no replies on here, so I am guessing no one owns one. I finally got the cam with the accessories I bought. I am extremely happy with my purchase! I mounted it on the dash of my car for a test and made 2 vids. One in 1080p 30fps and one in 720p 60fps. Both looked spectacular, the quality on the 1080 was better while stopped or moving at less than 40 miles per hour. Once I hit 60-65 you could see some pixelation and the wideness of the cam is 105 degrees which reduces fisheye from the pic. At 720 I was doing 65 and the video was excellent, the fisheye was more pronounced as the wideness increases to something like 130 degrees but it isn't bad at all. The colors are vibrant, very realistic, I've noticed on the GoPro cams there is a yellowish hue to the videos, that was not the case with my tests with the Monoprice Sports WiFi Action Cam. 

It has wi-fi and a watch remote control to start and stop video and to take pictures. I plan on taking it out today and using it around a lake for fishing which was the reason I bought it. Hopefully I will hook up with some fish. 


So my initial review of the product is a 5/5 star for sure.


It also turns out that the cam was 179 when I bought it about a week ago, and the day before it arrived it went on sale for 159. I went on the site opened a live chat with customer support and asked if there was any way to get a refund of the difference since I hadn't even gotten the cam yet. With no trouble or having to battle for it, the rep said we are giving you a 16 dollar credit to your monoprice account which you can use on this site for anything you would like. It will take 2 days to show up but you will immediately see the 16 dollars processing on your transaction section. That was indeed the case. So in the end I spent 192 dollars with the couple of accessories I bought. 

192 vs almost 300 for a comparable gopro. We will see how long it lasts but initially I would say give me the Monoprice over the GoPro!

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Good info! I've been considering an Ion but I will look at this other camera first. I've bought quite a bit if home theater and computer stuff from monoprice, all good stuff.

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