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Where To Shop For A Bass Rig

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so im gonna be getting my first Bass rig this year. not sure what my budget is yet somewhere around 20k     


where in Ma. or RI. can i go for a Bass rig besides bass pro shops??? 


what should i look for on a rig and what to watch out for?  


thanks for the advice in advance!!

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If it's your first boat do yourself a favor and buy a $5k used boat and run if a few years. That give you time to determine what you need and what you hate. 


I couldn't imagine buying a $20k boat for my first boat. There are a lot of lessons learned in boat ownership that you have to gain over time. 


Good luck. 

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If you don't want to go to BPS,  I am pretty sure that there are other boat dealers somewhere in those states.  Don't be afraid to expand your search regionally.  A bud on mine was determined to get a large 20' or so aluminum boat, as he looked around, he found a dealer in Kentucky that saved him thousands of dollars and rigged the boat exactly the way he wanted it.  The only draw back was that he had to drive to Kentucky to pick it up.   Not a terrible deal - road trips are fun.

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