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Dobyns Savvy 703.

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How does this rod preform thinking of it for jigs & worms and would pair it with a tatula type R.

Thanks for info!

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It would be a fair choice. It is a good rod for about 1/4 to 1/2 oz baits. I would personally look at the 734 if you are sold on the savy lineup. It fishes alot of things well. Savy rods are solid buys but they arent ultra sensitive. I fished a savy 734 for texas rigs and a savy 735 for jigs before moving up the food chain. They are now my spinnerbait/chatterbait rods and frog/toad rods respectively.

A friend fishes the 703 as his primary rod. Uses it for weightless plastics, 3/8 oz jigs, and texas rigged plastics. He likes it quite a bit and catches quite a few fish with it.

Your rod from the savy series could be anywhere from a 3 to a 5 powered rod depending on cover and weights being used.

There are more sensitive rods in the under $200 range but the savy would get the job done and could be a step up for sure depending upon what you are using now.

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I use the Savvy 703. Nice rod, however I use that for my finesse applications. The 704, will fit the bill just fine with light jig and t-rig applications. 

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