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Gila River Arizona Frog Fishing January 29Th (With Pics)

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Well i said i would have pictures up so here they are. Had an awesome 2 days out frog fishing in JANUARY. Definitely can't do that in my home state of michgian. Shoot even some of the arizona guys were freaking out and didnt believe me until i showed them proof. Ended up with 54 bass over two days. What a riot. First picture is a picture of the area i was fishing. It was a super long section of the river that splits off from the main river then comes together again with the main about a 2 mile section. The fish were up in the dead brush you can see on the shore line but the frogs had to be throw about 3ft out from the brush and they would come out and inhale it but if it was on the brush nothing. Most of the fish came off areas where there were indents in the brush or the brush came to a small point or something different like a stickup in there or where the land came to a point. You could catch 3-4 fish in those areas.  Lost a few giants but biggest fish was 4-1 with quite a few 3s in there. 
































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Good looking fish. Last one choked it eh? It happens though, not sure I would have taken the time for a pic on that one though.

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It was fine held her in the water and she tore off. Knicked her gill Im pretty sure she will live

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