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Cross-Country Road Trip!

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So, my cousin is moving out to California in the beginning of March. He is driving out there and has asked me to come along for the trip. We are leaving out of Philadelphia and we plan on heading down south and making our first stop in Atlanta. From there we head straight to the west coast, traveling through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and/or Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and possibly Nevada. Our final destination is San Jose and the only other stop we currently have planned is Phoenix.


Now, I have a few questions and I hope some of you can point me in the right direction. We want to make a handful of stops to rip some lips. We will not have a boat with us so we are limited to bank fishing or possibly a boat rental, but that is unlikely as we are (obviously) on a budget. I am looking to find some decent spots that we can pull up to and fish for a few hours. Also, we intend to be camping out for the majority of our trip, so any lakes or ponds with a campground nearby are a major plus. I am aware that I will have to purchase licenses for most is not all of the states we intend to fish which is not a concern. I will be bringing my own rods and tackle as well. I am pretty much set on catching LMB and nothing else. What are some good public spots? I understand I could google my way around all of this, but I wanted an honest opinion from the fishing community to help eliminate any guess work.


Any help or advice at all is greatly appreciated.You can either message me or post below with any information you'd like to share. I have about two weeks to get a final itinerary together, so let’s hear some suggestions!

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