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Will Wetline

Bait Retainer For Swing Jigs

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I started fishing football swing jigs last year and tried out different hooks and hardware to keep the bait from sliding down the hook shank.







These all worked okay but I really didn't want to mess with the Owner Centering Pin Springs or split rings. And I wanted to stay with the Gamakatsu 584 EWG hooks that I have been using successfully for years T-rigging. I fish Quabbin's crystal clear waters with 10 lb. and sometimes 8 lb. copolymer or fluoro line and I prefer a "standard" wire hook rather than a heavier gauge wire.


Over the winter I checked my stock to see how many more of Do-It's Swing Footballs I'd need to mold for the 2015 season. An Aha! moment flashed by: Position your bait (Gene Larew's 4.25" Biffle Bug shown in photo below), slide the rubber skirt collar you've cut in half onto the vertical section of hook shank, rig the aft end of the bait and then apply a dab - no need be heavy handed with cyanoacrylates! - and press the rubber and plastic together for half a minute or less while the super glue sets. This pic illustrates:




Cut a few extra so you'll have them on the water. One more tip for the well-prepared bassmaster: keep your super glue chilled in your lunch container rather than heating up in a tackle box on deck.


A few days ago these two bass chewed on my secured Biffle Bug and maybe next trip out I'll land a third - on the same Bug.



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Try Bait Buttons, works great and easier.

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