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Help Needed, Rod And Reel Usage For Best Results.

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Hey guys, I've been fishing for 15+ years but have only been taking it somewhat serious the last year or 2. I've read tons of articles and watched all kinds of YouTube videos with great advice but most of it seems to be specialized to certain lures with rod/reel combos. I'm have 3 bait casters and 3 spinning reels(that are decent enough to put on the boat). I'm asking for some help on putting what reels on which rods and what their best uses would be. I'm just getting into tournaments and have limited weapons so any help would be appreciated.

I have:

1 Lews tournament pro tp1sh bait caster- 7:1:1

1 Lews American hero ah1h bait caster- 6:4:1

1 Abu Garcia blackmax bait caster- 6:4:1

1 Zebco atac bait caster(cheap and it shows been using it to practice flipping/pitching) bait caster- 6:3:1

Bait caster rods:

1 Zebco Atac composite graphite 6'6 med hvy(combo w/ reel)

1 Abu Garcia blackmax next gen 6'6 med(combo w/ reel)

2 Bass Pro Shops extreme eX 7' med hvy

1 Quantum lite 6' med

1 Quantum Dance Class 6'6 med hvy

1 South Bend Intruder 6' med

1 Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier im8 carbon 6'6 med hvy fast action

Spinning Gear:

1 Lews tournament speed spin ts200h -6:1:1

1 Lews tournament speed spin ts300h -6:1:1

1 Lews gold spin tl300h 6:1:1


1 Powell max 7' med extra fast

1 Powell max 7' med hvy extra fast

1 Berkley Lightning rod 7' med

I know I don't have what action for several rods but the only 2 I purchased were the Powells the rest were given to me when friends upgraded. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I primarily throw top water, crank baits, weightless soft plastics, jigs/frogs but have every lure type out there I can cover everything as far as lures go just haven't used a lot of them do to a lack of confidence. 1 last thing, I'm extremely comfortable with spinning gear, bait casters, well I'm getting there, lol.

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Found a video that I somehow overlooked. Figured out what action rods I have and found some stuff to get me headed in the right direction. Any follow up advice would still be appreciated.

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