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Josh Smith

Hilary And Amelia Martin?

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Hi Guys,


My little girl (~18mos) loves to watch fishing shows with me.  Lately, she is taken with Amelia and Hilary Martin since seeing them on a Scott Martin Challenge I stumbled across.


Since then, I've found two additional SMCs with Hilary and Amelia.  The first two have grown a bit old for Belle, but luckily I just found this third one.  She was entranced.


She enjoys the Martin boys as well, but not quite as much.  She's strawberry blonde, has blue eyes, and identifies well with little girls fishing with their daddy!


I'm wondering if there are any others in addition to these three I found.  Scott Martin is awesome, making these available on YouTube.  (This is one reason I buy stuff he endorses.)


Additionally, are there any shows with, say, Roland taking them fishing, or Bill Dance fishing with his grandkids, or maybe even Dave Mercer fishing with his children?


Thanks folks,



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Hank parker did two shows with his grandkids (recently, he's done countless with his children over the hears) one with his granboys and one his granddaughters.

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Thanks! Will see if it's on YouTube or if I can find a place to purchase it.


I believe I watched them on outdoor or sportsmans channel. We got them free for 3 motnths so I recorded just about every show I could to watch during lightning storms (no live tv, or fishing :( )

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