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Attaching Wheels To A Pelican Bass Raider

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I have tried looking on the internet on how to DIY a simple cart like carrier with wheels to carry my Bass Raider from truck to water. I have patched the bottom twice from dragging over rough terrain. I did see one with galvanized retractable wheels but can't figure out how it was done. Any ideas? I need to make something that I can put inside the truck because a lot of the places I fish are hard to get to in a big boat. If the "carrier" is left in truck bed,it might be gone when I return. 

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Search up "boat dolly" on ebay. I don't have any experience with them but they get good reviews.

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How far do you need to drag it ?   I put wheels on my boat but soon took them off because the boat would literally run away from me while I was parked on the steep boat ramp trying to get it loaded back in.   If it's only to move the boat a couple feet from water to truck you might just want to think about mounting some disposable plastic corner guards that you can drag whenever you want and replace easily...


like these:



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