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Tough Time At The Reservoir

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Went out with the yaks to a new to us reservoir. Started at 8am ended at 4pm. They had it drawn down so they could do work on the dam and put in a new boat ramp. So all the shore line cover we thought we would have, by researchiing this lake, well was pretty much not there, but about 10 yards back high and dry. So with that and the heat it was tough fishing. My buddy who usually always catches something, he got skunked . Me on the other hand, I ripped my new fishing shirt, I almost lost a Croc in the mud, a bird crapped on me, and I lost a fish... but I ended up with this guy


Yeah, I didn't get skunked, and he isn't big. The way I caught him will blow your mind. It's the first time it's happened to me. So we paddle back to the ramp, and I tell my bud before we unload we should go hit those reeds shown in the pic, and this about a hundred yards from the ramp. I start casting my jig across the reeds to the outer edges, feel the tap, tap, set the hook, and my line snaps somewhere in the middle. I must of had a knot or a loop in the line somewhere in my spool, and it must of weakend the line over time. The fish jumps three times with about fifty feet of line behind it trying to throw the jig. So the line starts to get tangled up in the reeds, and I'm paddling at supersonic speed to try and grab the line before it unravels and goes under. I get a hold of it, and start pulling up on the line pulling up reeds and weeds figuring that I lost the fish, but I feel pressure and the dude was right under my yak, lipped him in, and that was that. That's what I call some fancy fishing skills right there... my buddy was ticked. I think it was the bird crapping on me that helped out.

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