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Compared These Jigs

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i love jig fishing and have fished a large variety of brands, however 2 out of the 3 brands im going to mention i have not tried, nor have i held one of there jigs. i was seeing if anyone has fished side by side the new strike structure jig, *** jigs and siebert jigs. i fish some places that are drastically the opposite of each other. i know the siebert line has many different brands, i was mainly looking at the brush jig, finesse and derocker football, the *** is the *** and there football jig, and for SK was the structure, baby structure and both football/finesse football jig


one reservoir is stained with nothing but rock and wood and is known as a jig fishery. couple other reservoirs are clear with rock, wood and some grass and other is mostly grass with some rock and wood and water clarity is between the above reservoirs(if that makes sense). seeing how these jigs stacked up against each other. 

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Not a big fan of the SK jigs. I can't tell you how many brands and styles of jigs I have fished over the years but would venture to guess that number may be well over 3 dozen. There are only about 5 brands I use any more and of those 4 are custom and one is big box company. One of the 4 is Sieberts and they account for a good percentage of what I use. His brush head styles and Premium Swim jigs are my favorites. Couldn't tell you how many jigs I currently have (guessing around 300-400) something like 19 3700 series Plano boxes but Mikes are as good of jig as I have used. Try sending him a PM on here and he will offer you up sound advice on jig heads, colors, and styles that would suit your fishing needs best. The guy is top notch and will go out of his way to help you out.

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