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Lost My Pb Today, Hahaha

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I was throwing Mepps #4's this morning. Caught 11 Largemouth and 3 channel.

I also snagged Moby Dick in the tail. It was a 40-50# Grass Carp. Definitely over 3ft long. When it first realized he was hooked, he stripped 20yd of my wimpy 12#mono of my reel. It wasn't really fighting, he was just mosying away from me at a leisurely pace.

Either way, he could take any line he wanted.

I finally got him close and saw that he was a carp...a humpback orca carp...and he left me again. Took another 10yd away.

I finally got him all the way to the bank...he acted totaled...so I figured he was fine. I reached down and grabbed my line.

That's it! Party over! See ya later!

One thrash of his tail and my line snapped.

He was gone.

The irony: up until 2 weeks ago, the biggest bass I have ever caught was 5.5-6#. 2 weeks ago, I caught an 8# trophy. Right in the same hole that this huge carp was in.

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And you can find catfish in holes that bass frequent, too.

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