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P Line Tcb Teflon Braids

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Anyone using these. Either the 4 or 8 strand. I've been thoroughly impressed with Seaguar Smackdown but like trying new braids, plus I wouldn't mind saving 10 bucks a spool. I know some folks are convinced Power Pro is the finest braid ever made, but I'm not in that camp. I found 832 a little sticky and didn't care the fraying I encountered with super slick. I'll also order a spool of new Daiwa J braid to test, but my local store carries pretty all P Line. So if you're using it let's here about it.



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I've got one of my Chronarch's rigged up with the 8 carrier 40#. It's worked great for me. I've also been very impressed with the color retention too. 

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Just spooled up with some 30. 1st impressions are I find it quite similar to Sufix Performance Braid, only a tighter 8 strand with a slick coating. I tightened the drag and gave it some yanks. It doesn't seem to wanna dig. Definitely stiffer than 832 or Smackdown, not as supple and limp out of the box. I hope it gets better in that regard with some usage. Little bigger diameter than the 30 lb Smackdown I've been running, but I've encountered a few break offs at the knot with 30 lb Smackdown. What I really like about this P Line is it doesn't fray at all when I cut it with my boomerang snips. Smackdown frays just a little, where as Super Slick frayed a ton. I will be ordering a spool of J Braid soon. If I don't like either better than Smackdown I'll just step that up to 40 lb. Just sucks it's 10 dollars more a spool.


Just in case anyone is interested/wondering -

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