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O-Ring/saddle Size For Different Senko Lengths And Widths

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Ok, so I've gone through the Senko FAQ and couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for, so...


I have been T-rigging Senkos weightless the past couple years.  I bought the O'Wacky Tool from Cabela's this spring to give Wacky Rigging a try during the summer.  The rings that came with the tool are great for 4" and 5" Senkos.   However, I had my best luck as far as size and volume of fish on the 6" Senkos rigged Wacky weightless.  The problem being the O-rings that come with the tool are tight and eventually tear into the 6" senkos after about 8-10 casts.  The include rings are great for the 4 and 5" Senkos, but are too tight to accommodate for the girth of the 6" Senko.


Does anyone know of the right size O-ring (that can be bought at a hardware store or online) that would be snug on a 6" senko but not tear into them?


One thing to consider is I am on "Team Perpendicular" meaning I put the hook through the side of the senko.  I have developed a way of using the O-ring and Octo hook to reliably use a wacky rigged senko on a couple fish.  However, I just learned about the Wacky Saddle form the Senko FAQ, I am assuming the Large saddles would work best for 6 inch Senkos, but wanted someone who actually uses the saddle to confirm before I purchase some. 


Thanks everyone!

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Not sure on the saddle, however the o ring size for 5" is 3/8" inside diameter and 7/16" inside diameter for 6".

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