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Couple of questions requiring opinions to follow.  I have upgraded my front unit to an HDS touch from an Elite 5X, used the HDI transducer so the front is complete. Upgraded the elite 7 in the dash to an HDS touch also, though the Lowrance upgrade program. Used the HDI transducer already installed on this unit also.  I have an LSS2 that I am going to install soon.


Parts left over right now: brand new 83/200 transducer, two new power cables, and the elite 5x with ram mount.

The plan was to sell the elite 5x with power cable and transducer that came in the bundle.


1. Should I install the 83/200 and pull the HDI during the LSS2 install?

Theoretically this would make the elite 5 more attractive since it would have downscan capabilities. Just more work but seems like the right thing to do.


2. Should I leave it as is and sell the elite with the 83/200?


3. Should I install the elite and run two units in one of the locations?  The elite 5x does not have an ethernet port, although the chart says it can be networked.


4. Any other suggestions.


I have a Ranger RT178.



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I would do option 1 for the following reasons: one the lss2 transducer will give you the downscan that the hdi transducer has and replace it with the 83/200 one to give you a two frequency broadband option. Doing that will make your elite 5x resell for more. And with that money you can either upgrade your touch units cartography to something like the Navionics + with sonarchart or the go free wifi module or just off set some of the upgrad cost.

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I would sell everything that comes with elite 5x and the elite 7 I would just keep the power cable because its the same but include the hdi transducer with it. If your running two units on your boat you have the lss2 connected to the unit at the console then I would ethernet the two units together so then you can share waypoints, your Navionics card, and your structure scan. I love being able to view structure scan while Im at the front of the boat even though the transducer is located in the back. I can still find objects I never knew that was there and also I can find fish out to the side of the boat. I wouldnt even bother using the HDI transducer because that's only going to give you sonar and down imaging.

I thought this would be the best option.  I was going to eventually link them together.   Thanks guys. 

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