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Chest Or Waist Waders

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I made a post on here not too long ago about specific waders, but now I've got a more broad question.I have decided that my next fly fishing purchase will be a pair of breathable waders. I have never owned a pair, I've only fished from shore or worn Chaco sandals and shorts, so this is an entirely new world for me. My question is about whether waist high or chest high would suit my needs more. I want to spend 100-150 dollars, if that sways the vote at all. I will be using them mostly in the spring and summer, along with a bit of fall fishing, and maybe 1-2 days in the winter here in Colorado. I will be using them in water shin to thigh deep mostly. I am drawn to waist highs because they seem to be more like normal pants, making movement and adding/ subtracting layers of jackets easier. I also feel like chest highs are better because of added protection if I step in water deeper than expected, but they seem awkward and hot. Any advice and opinion is helpful.

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I only have chest waders, all the waist waders I have used were inadequate for where I was going, and the temperatures I wade in.  Chest waders are warmer, so if you use them primarily during the warm season, then they would be hotter. If I get too hot, I just roll down the waders over the wader belt, so yeah. 


I think it would be a good idea to prepare for the worst, and pull the trigger on chest waders.  The front pockets and handwarmer slots are too handy to give up  :Victory:

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I wear chest high breathables and even in 90 degree weather, I wasn't uncomfortable. Of course, the water you are standing in helps cool you off. Waders not only keep you dry, they also protect you from bacteria in the water where you are standing, keep ticks off of you, and protect you from poison ivy.

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