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Stay Away From Chiappa M4-22 Upper!!

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Right after my son was born in 2011, I bought him a .22LR AR15. The upper is polymer and is made by Chiappa Firearms. The lower is an American Tactical Imports.
Recently we were shooting it and the bolt failed to return to battery. So I broke it down and saw the bolt main spring was crimped. No big deal. Went inside and ordered 2 new ones straight from the website..
After the new ones arrived, I was studying the bolt assembly and realized why the spring was crimped. The bolt spring rod is threaded on both ends and threads into the bolt block. The bolt block is made of zinc or Pot Metal as I like to call it.
So I go back to the website to order another bolt rod and bolt block, only to find out that the rod is out of stock.

Next I start searching for another supplier... NOTHING!! But what I did find was very interesting. It seems that there are hundreds of reports of this failure with this particular bolt assembly design. I lost count of how many people reported this on different forums. And here I thought I'd have my son's rifle back up and running next weekend.

This morning, I found a number for Chiappa, since it isn't listed on their website, and called them. The individual I spoke with said that they no longer make the bolt rod and that I'll have to go through a dealer to order the entire bolt assembly. The cost is under $60. But my issue is that if there are so many reported failures, there should be a recall of the upper assembly.

I think I'm going to cut it into pieces so it can't be used. And save the lower to build him a nice custom AR. And in the meantime, go buy him a new 10/22 since they are a proven rifle in the industry.

After doing some more research, I learned they are based out of Italy.
I got a reply back from the email that I sent them last night. They explained that when parts are ordered for the website inventory, they are shipped from Italy. So this explains a lot.
I don't mind paying $60 for a new bolt assembly. But after all of the reported failures, I'm not sure I want to put another dime into it.

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That is what a machine shop is for. They could easily make you what you needed. Granted it would cost more then 60 bucks, but it would still be cheaper then a new gun.

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I considered having a new bolt made at a friend's machine shop. And also having a stainless rod bolt made. But it's not really worth putting the money into this upper. I've lost count of how many times I've found a complaint online about Chiappa from other individuals. And they experienced the same failure.

I bought him a Ruger 10/22 over the weekend. And I found a deal on a Remington 541T also. So he is set as far as .22 rifles go..

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