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JT Bagwell


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Have any of you used this website before?


I just joined today because Yamamoto has linked with them and all of us on their team were asked to join.


So far I don't really know much about it or how I can get the most out of it.


Supposed to be a good way to link with potential sponsors and keep track of your activities for your sponsors.


If you have any experience with it please let me know so I can shorten the learning curve.



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I'm not a member of it myself personally, but it's pretty much like any other forum except you post "reports". Some are gear reviews, some are new products, and some are stories about their day out on the water. Just like anything else, some people offer good info, others seem like they're there to advertise. I believe it's based in Ontario, Canada but accomodates for North America, perhaps worldwide?


Quite a bit of info on it if you're willing to sift through it.

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My concern about it is I think it oversells what it can do for average dudes that are realistically never going to get sponsored. It lets you build a resume, or whatever term they use, for free, but then charges you a fee to apply to the sponsors you want to apply with, promising they will get it into the "right hands". It then makes sure you understand that your only real shot of this working is having a $49.99 "Amateur Pro" membership so you have the profile. My suspicion is that the sponsors involved with the site want a good presence on there because it encourages more people to join and pay for memberships. At the very least, these new members see their products heavily endorsed by guys like you, who they have encouraged to open up accounts for that purpose. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if they don't get a little taste of the fees people pay to apply for these sponsorships that are never going to happen, and if they were going to happen, would not require an intermediary such as NPS. That might be a bit much, but in any case, based on the traffic on the site, how many views people get, and so on, it's hard to justify the membership fee.

Your case might be different from a networking perspective, although I doubt you need NPS to do that.

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I have an account.  I do not use it.  I find it to be more of a pain in the but than anything else. The best record of what you do/can do for sponsors is your own personal website IMO.

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