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Neko Rig & Whopper Plopper First Impressions

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Went out this morning to a local farm pond as I had family activities in the afternoon but wanted to get out for a few hours. I brought 2 rods and 2 baits/techniques. A size 90 yellow head whopper plopper and a few weedless wacky hooks, o-rings, 1/16 nail weight and some worms a member on here was nice enough to send me. Both first times using these presentations.

I went out from 7-10 this morning and caught probably a dozen fish all in the 8-14" range. Nothing too nice but I did have 3-4lber jump out of the water and miss the WP.

Right when I got there I threw the WP and first cast landed a tiny guy. Proceeded to catch about 7 or 8 total on it. One thing that surprised me was most of the fish were caught on the front hook. Possibly due to bank fishing and many hit it right near the edge where the weeds were. I really like the sound and bubble trail it leaves. Looking forward to more time with it.

After a half hour in I started moving around and alternating in the Neko rig. The bite was slow and initially got frustrated since I was doing so well with the WP. But I stuck with it and ended up landing 4 on it. I like this presentation and still need to work on how to fish/present it best. But it certainly has promise.


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