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Susquehanna River Help

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The bass club I am in has decided to try a few different fisheries this year. Our next stop is on the Susquehanna river. We will be launching out of Linden Pa. I plan on making a trip up on Friday to do some prefishing. For someone who has never fished a river before, what are some things I need to know? 


Thanks for the help

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Current effects everything you do.

The river might be running pretty hard on Friday as we're supposed to get some rain Thursday.

I live 15 miles from Linden and I just haven't spent anytime on the river since April. Its just not what it used to be.

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I fish the North Branch, and have had a lot of great days in terms of numbers this year. Not a whole lot of pigs, though.

1) current effects everything.

2) beware of rocks. (I wouldn't be in a hurry to stick even someone else's fiberglass boat in the river for most stretches)

3) regarding current - it brings food, but takes energy to swim in, so look for current breaks, eddies, and transitions to/from pools. Riffles will hold numbers, but quality fish could be anywhere with deep water/slack water access.

4) about those rocks... They're awesome at holding big smallmouth and he Susquehanna is loaded with Boulder fields.

Use the search feature for anything else. There's a ton of good river fishing info on here.

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Make sure you wear polarized sunglasses, because those rocks/boulders are everywhere.

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