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Tatula 701Mlrb Applications

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I need some advice from someone who has used this rod. I'm not really interested in using it for cranking as my cranking rod will easily throw the lightest cranks I use. What I'm looking for is a rod to pretty much replace the spinning rod I use for weightless plastics, drop shots, mojo rigs, shakey heads, etc.


Assuming I have a reel capable of casting light weights and use 20 lb braid mainline, do you think the action is fast enough and backbone powerful enough to fish it for this purpose effectively? I have the 711MHRB and found it perfect for t rigs and jigs with a similar setup. It fishes mod-fast, so I'm assuming the med light version is similar, but I don't know.

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I've had one of those since right after they hit the market. I've used it for cranks, small spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, finesse jigs and light weight plastics. I personally think the mod-fast action is the most versatile. The idea that you need an extra-fast action rod for plastics and jigs is marketing propaganda. There's a reason a lot of the high end Japanese stick are mod-fast, or what they call regular action.


I use this rod for finesse plastics a lot more than anything else.

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Excellent. Thanks, man. I agree with you about mod fast rods, especially with braid. That is why that ex fast jig rod I used to use is collecting dust now.


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