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Josh Smith

Released A Fish

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Hi Folks,


I'm sick.  Some danged summer cold.  So after I worked yesterday, I went fishing for about half an hour because it makes me feel better to be out doing something.


Wind was from the west, but a cold front had moved in and I had blue skies.  That was OK because I wasn't really doing anything besides trying out a new soft plastic I picked up and some modifications to topwater frogs.


After I got done throwing the frogs (and losing a Live Target in some cover) I threw the soft plastic Rodent bait.


With 17mph westerly winds, I wasn't feeling much at all on the line.  The line was acting more like a sail, and though I had it between my fingers (something I rarely need to do) the slack was keeping me from feeling anything but sight wind gusts.


I noticed, however, that when I reeled I had a heavy feeling, almost like weeds.  I then noticed that the lure was drifting against the wind.


I should have set the hook.  I still wonder what was on there -- whether a sunfish had it or whether it was a bass that didn't know any better.  But I didn't.  I was curious as to how long a fish would hang on to a soft plastic that smelled of coffee.  I also figured that if it didn't spit it, I might see where the fish was hanging out.


Sure 'nough, the fish took it to a spot near a downed tree, under lily pads, where I'd caught bass in the past.  I started reeling and applying slow, steady pressure, but it took some convincing to make that fish let go of my Rodent!


I think I'll keep some of these around and throw 'em after I miss on hollowbody frogs.  They seem like they're quality plastics. 



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That's neat: but no way I could have done that. I would have hammered that hook home. What if you just lost your new pb? ;) All the same, pretty cool.

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fair enough.  i m not sure i could have done that but given your sickened state it probably impacted your judgement lol :) 

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