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Line Through Trout Trailer Hook?

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I've recently started fishing both 6 and 8 inch line through trouts with good results, however I've had some hookup issues with the 8 inch.

Every video I see that savage puts out fishing their line thrus, it's always top rigged with a trailer hook that has some sort of post that grabs into the back of the bait to keep it stationary and low profile. I haven't been able to find any terminal tackle like this. Does any one know where it can be found, or what the best way to go about making them would be?

Here's a link to one of the videos where the trailer can be seen:

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First he needs a bigger net.

I believe the bass eat fish head first? Or they grab the head from the side.

I have some 8" sewing needles for doing this.

Thanks the bait monkey got me I had to have one.

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That's not the 8" version.  That's the next size up.  I haven't had any issues with the hook up ratio on the 8".  If they are going to eat it they eat it. If you want to set up a trailer rig, heres an easy idea.  Get some 65-80lb braid (I use 50 but some like heavier), tie a smaller treble (#2 or #4) to one end. Then figure the length you want for the stinger.  Make a loop knot (big enough to pass the hook through, run it through the eye of the main hook then place it in the back.  To keep from damaging the bait, cut the bottom hook off the treble so you just have a small piece that will be inserted into your bait, cut a small paper clip in two pieces, paint flat black, and use it to hold the hook in the right upright position. And make sure you have several spares as they will be lost on each fish caught.  Hope this helps.  

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trailer hooks are not needed on this bait , i never use trailer hooks on any swimbait ...


i use an Owner ST-41 treble hook with one hook point cut down , now it sits better in the bait's hook pocket and sits a little lower on the bait .



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