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Mini Helios Air Review.

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Mini as in info given, not mini as in post length.  :teeth:


My original post about the Helios Air. http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/165117-tell-me-about-your-helios-air/


Here is the bassresource review. A much more in depth review. http://www.bassresource.com/fishing_lures/helios-air-review.html


Got out for about 70 minutes this afternoon with the Helios Air and an upgraded TD-Z 105H I had bought last year and temporarily forgot about due to no rod for it. Spent about 30 minutes with the TD-Z and the rest with the Helios. Bit chilly once my hand got wet. No fish caught and none expected at my practice area.


I had a partial spool of 12# Sunline Super Natural Clear so decided to use it up instead of using the AN40. I did mount it on the 7' MF Techna AV rated 1/4-1 oz. which in my book makes it a MH rod. This reel is too light for this rod making it tip heavy. However, once I tied a lure on and started casting, I never noticed it. I'm not as acutely in tune with the little things like some of you. As stated in my original post on the Helios, I set the brakes at 3. Bought some homemade spinnerbaits from a fellow member. Think they run 1/4-3/8 oz. Selected a larger one for my initial outing. With lure falling slowly, I backed off 2 more clicks letting it fall fast. Am getting out of the idea that I need spools set only snug enough to remove side-to-side play although I do run them with less tension than is normally suggested. Doesn't seem to hurt casting distance, and can sometimes avoid overruns in some fishing conditions.


This is my first Okuma reel. First time using it. First cast. Wow! This thing casts great. Second cast I went for more power and got an overrun. Haven't been out in a few weeks so I backed off on the power letting myself get back into practice. I never will be as good as Glenn with a baitcast reel, but I did not have to touch it after the initial setup. Was thrilled at how easy it was to get good distance with this combo. Normal power casts were resulting in more distance than most of my reels.


As Glenn has noted, retrieve is smooth and no strain reeling the spinnerbait back upstream. Was at a local river. Was whirring on casts. Mechanical noise doesn't bother me. In fact I enjoy it. Noticed not quite as much when I picked it back up after playing with the TD-Z for a bit. Then ignored the sound as I continued to be amazed at how well this reel casts. Decided to back off a touch with the cast control. Whoa! Very noisy. Slightly tightened it back up. Next cast...no whirring. It was at this time that I remembered this reel comes with ABEC5 bearings. Apparently it took about 35-40 minutes of use to get the lubrication spread throughout the bearings. Obviously this has nothing to do with which bearings are in the reel. However, I have noticed that upgraded bearings seem to be noisier than factory bearings. ABEC5 would be considered an upgrade for many reels. Casts are now quiet. It is also getting another yard or two out of normal power casts.  Or else I was unconsciously throwing a little harder.



Personally I feel those of you who limit yourselves to one brand of reel are missing out. I can understand why you do it, but it isn't for me. My Primmus and now my Helios Air are two really, really, really fine reels that I would have missed out on were I to stick only to my Daiwas and Shimanos. I can highly recommend both of these reels to anyone looking for a new reel. You won't be disappointed with either.


EDIT:  Looking forward to next year.  Can't wait to try a little heavier and more aerodynamic lure.

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