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Dispersion Of Bullet Inertia ?

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Okay folks, I have a question that's been raised from reading opinions online. In particular, I'm referring to a 7mm08 but the situation can be considered for any hunting cartridge. I have read on quite a few sites about the advantage of having a projectile pass entirely through a game animal. While I can see this as a plus archery hunting, it completely puzzles me related to firearms hunting. My goal in reloading has always been to combine the components in such a manner as to disperse the maximum amount of energy inside the body cavity..............my question is: has this theory changed over the years?...........if so, why? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I hunt for fur mostly I look for all energy dumped in the animal as well no exit exit is bad. I started using a 204 with 32 and 40gr vmax factory loads. So far the 40gr a little far back on a running fox will split it in two....seriously not exaggerating if it wasn't for its spine it would be. I'd post pics but they are kinda gross. Bad hit and fix are fragile to begin with.

Deer hunting we have to use shotguns so I get what I get with that some times I get pass threws some times I don't.

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I've taken dozens of whitetails with a 12 gauge & 2 3/4 inch magnum shells. 1 ounce lead, Win.

Shotgun slugs (12 gauge) achieve typical velocities of approximately 1800 fps for 1-oz. (437.5 grain) slugs, for an energy of over 3,100 ft-lbs (4200 J). In contrast, a .30-06 bullet weighing 150 grains at a velocity of 2600 fps achieves an energy of 2,250 ft-lbs (3051 J).

In about half my kills, the first shot knocked the deer off it's feet. At times, I shot a 2nd round to keep the animal right where it was.. In 95% of my kills, there was no pass thru.. One doe, one time, was a double lung shot clean thru as evidenced by her lungs all over the forest floor.. She made it 30 yards & fell. I've never killed a whitetail with a rifle.. ( I have Elk ) all my whitetails were shot well inside 30 yards. I set up like I'm archery hunting.

It's a devastating weapons choice.. Let the air outta of them no matter what the cartridge & they are going down. However, in most all cases, the 12 gauge slug puts them down anyway with a proper shot placement. I've shot deer with a .50 cal. Muzzleloader & .44 cal xtp bullets ( sabot ) it never, ever knocked them down. Kills them, but never knocked them down.

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