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Losing Lure Hooks

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Well today was interesting... Went fishing, caught a bass on a popper and then realized something. My popper was missing a treble hook. I hoped it was somewhere in the bass's mouth but alas, that was not the case. I knew i had 2 hooks when i made my cast. The split ring was missing too. What the heck happened? Hooks don't just dissapear off lures like that XD

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What happened is the split ring failed, it has happened to a few baits but it isn't common. I inspect my hard baits after every fish and if I get hung up I'll give them a quick look before using again. My partner in a tournament lost a fish that would have won lunker and put us up near the top but he lost it and then he lost another fish only to find out that his rear treble was missing 2 points and the front was missing 1 point. He didn't know when it happened and it got me started looking at my baits after landing a fish or freeing it from a snag and I have had some baits that the split ring was bent and needed replaced before using again. Luck-E-Strike had an issue with the split rings they were using on their RC STX but after numerous complaints, the addressed and fixed the issue. So it isn't uncommon for it to happen but it isn't an everyday occurrence either.

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