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Ken Smith

Cranking Battery

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Curious if anyone knows of a cranking battery (non gel) with over 1000 CCA's other than the $250 Sears battery? 

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I think Deka's Ultimate group 24 has over 1000.
The Deka, Intimidator group 27 and 31 bump 1,000. These are AGM batteries
Their Marine Master, dual purpose group 27 and 31 will also. Those are the flooded cell line

I run the Marine Master group 31's, one DP for cranking and two DC's for trolling.

I personally don't run straight cranking batteries because bass boats tend to be hard on them. They don't handle that constantly being discharged by the long periods of running electronics and pumps some tend to do. The Dual Purpose is much more suited for bass boat cranking batteries.


Wow, I just looked to see what Bass Pro Shop is getting for the group 31 AGM Power Series, $330.  This is the Deka, with BPS label on it.  They make BPS's

Same battery http://tristatebattery.com/8a31dtm-deka-intimidator-high-performance-agm-marine-battery-p-1356.html

Not even going to say what I get the same battery for, but it's no where near either of those prices.

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Deka as above. I use and are great.

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