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I Feel Lucky

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Well, I guess I feel lucky. I have a seven year old that begs me to PLEASEEEEEEE take him pig hunting, or fishing. A 4 year old that wants to go hunt pretty much whatever animal he is thinking of at the time. A 2 year old that wants to just chill out and fish with me. Then tells me "Jacob, I wanna go hunt.", or "I wanna ride the bike". As he climbs all over my Harley, happy as a clam. Then gets furious if I leave out and dont at least ride him to the bottom of the drive way and back up to the house. And a 18 month old that is content to run around saying "Da da da dadadadada." And then smiles and melts my heart.

Honestly, I miss not getting to see my oldest and my youngest everyday. Leaving was the hardest thing I have ever done. I feel it was the right thing to do. No child deserves to be brought up in an environment that has that kind of hatred and fighting involved in it. I am also quite happy and content with the life I have forged. They now have two step brothers that absolutely adore them. As well as a step mom who loves them as her own. The other positive is they no longer have to hear myself and their mother fighting. So I would say all in all I am very lucky. I think life outside of work is quite nice and enjoyable for once. Now if every thing goes good on my hopeful carrer change after the first of the year. Then I may finally find contentment in life as well as work.

May I wish all of yall the best in both life and work. And may I pray for success in whatever endeavors yall may attempt.

Your as of now enlightened friend,

Raider the Great

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