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Kistler Magnesium Crankbait Rod

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I've lately been looking for a good squarbill rod. The Kistler magnesium 7' medium composite rod is on sale but the lack of reviews leave me questioning many things. If anyone has experience with this rod (good or bad) please leave a reply. Also many people seem to like the 7'mh model, would this make a better squarbill rod than the Medium power rod?

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I wanted to pull the trigger on their 7' MH so bad because they're giving them away over at TW, but with Kistler's Black Friday sale I just couldn't turn down an KLX for another $40. From all the reviews and comparisons I've read its a great rod which developed a large entry-level following. Besides the price, the only reason I chose the KLX is due to the warranty factor.


I've heard mixed reviews about Kistler's customer service (but we know only the loudest, most unhappy customers post their grievances online) so I wanted to go with a rod that would have a ready replacement. With the first generation Mag TS's no longer in production I figured it might be a headache to deal with a warranty claim.


I honestly think you will be happy with either. If you have experience with composite blanks and like them then the Medium will be great, if not a MH graphite will do just fine. Let us know what you end up with, but get one before they're gone!

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