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How To Catch Needlefish?

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I will be making a trip down to Cuba in a few weeks, and I know that where we are going, there are loads of needlefish. Last time I was there, they would chase my lures right up to the shore, but never actually bite them. They are a cool looking fish, and I would love to catch one. Any suggestions?

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Get a small treble hook and use small pieces of squid or pieces of fish for bait.The treble hook needs to be small enough to fit in the needlefishes mouth.When you spot a Needlefish cast the baited treble hook in front of its face and work it to entice the needlefish to bite.Give it some time to swallow the hook and when you see it deep in its mouth set the hook and reel it in so it doesn't shake the hook off.You will get lots of needlefish using this technique.

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 You can catch them on dead and cut bait, but they are suckers for a small live mullet. It's very fun to watch them chase it down too! Just gotta let them swallow it once they grab it, and that takes a really long time so you have to be patient. 20lb test leader is plenty, their teeth just poke, not slice. Sight casting with a light spinning outfit is a blast, they aren't very powerful for their size but on 8-10lb line it's plenty of fun.

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