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Bass newb

Suggest me some line for my extra spools

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I really like braid and have been enjoying fluorocarbon lately, I seem to detest mono, but I won't rule it out.


I have 3 daiwa zillion reels, 6.3, 7.3,9.1;1 ratios. I have 3 spare spools. Every spool will fit every reel.

Does this sound useful: 

Flouro 10, 15lb

Braid 30, 65lb

Yo-zuri 12lb

Mono 12lb


It kinda seems like I should have some mono for the topwater poppers that will sink and have funny action unless the line floats...but I'm still figuring this stuff out and I have more money than  time to fish, so usually I do what I think will work well and then weeks later revise after more water time.


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if it were me, i would say take out the 10b fluoro, it's a bit redundant with the 8 and 12.  I would substitute instead with 10 or 12lb yo zuri hybrid.  much higher breaking strength than advertised and is a very versatile line.

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