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New Power Pack,,,, VMaxtank Battery

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I been going thru deep cycles about every 3 years on my small boat, 3 years ago a customized the Sea Nymph 12R a very deep 12' Aluminum for small rivers and above ground reservoirs. Most places I use this boat is trolling motor only. Last year was the third year on the 105 AH DC I had in it a good battery from NAPA, but last year, the 3rd, I could see the run times could strand me on an all day reservoir trip. So this past winter I did a lot of studying and found these newer brand batteries, that specialize in deep Cycle Technology. So fer 250 bucks I bought a solar backup model for its better deep cycling and no CA rating, as it is not a cranking battery in any form.  But it has 125 AH which is, or should be more than I can use all day on electric only Minn Kota Endura 55 with maximizer. 

First trip last week was 7hrs on a big reservoir, I didn't track my mileage but I will say I did more playing than anything and ran more than average at full speed. I got home and my charge indicators on the motor showed 4 battery icons, or full charge. I tested it with the voltmeter and sure enough,,, 12.68 Volts. this an AGM and I was very impressed. So today I called to talk tom their Customer Service, and give him a chance to sell me on their charger technology. While I was at it, I thought I would upgrade the little 10 amp AGM I run the Color down imaging humminbird plus you never know when I might want to charge the  Garmin 650M GPS with US Lake maps I have mounted in the "Metal Miss Fit". The charger I was going to buy was a 20 amp, 7 stage, with float built in, and auto sensing for AGM, Gell, and Wet Acid  batteries. when I mentioned the 15amp AGM and the 5 amp charger for it, he quickly let me know even that big 20 amp would charge anything down to the small 5 amp AGM they sell,,,

Well being a tightwad I let him know give me some good reasons to update my old solid state 10 amp automatic variable output charger. He said the 20 amp was really over kill and for battery life the 15 amp would charge the 125 amp battery just as quick, as it would have to be under charged badly almost 100% to ever charge at that rate anyways. Well after handing me some unbelievable prices and free shipping, I have the 15 amp battery for the Hummingbirds dedicated battery, and the 7 stage 15amp auto charger maintainer on it's way for $130.00 , plus he thru in a the storage case for the charger free. I am impressed with this company, and next year when I redo that batteries in the 21 footer, I will be installing the VMaxtanks in it to,,, cranking and deep cycling!  

Mil spec batteries with 99.5% virgin lead and tin alloy for durability and long lasting efficiency, with chargers that have 7 stage with float charging built in and desulfination mode,,, I am impressed and Customer Service that seems better than I have found from a battery company. I don't buy from cut rate manufacturers on batteries either. I always ran Interstates on the Charter Boat, but I didn't know about Vmaxtanks then, I highly recommend them to anyone wanting the best electric power out there! If I am wrong you'll hear about it. But they sure seem to carry a big stick so far! I'm Impressed!

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